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Re: replying to Techeyor_YT

Posted by MacUser2 on .
Heck you can even find packs of Pokemon hacks already patched into the roms. Blazed Glazed and Pokemon Prism are some of my favorite ones!

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Honestly, I'm not sure why people are freaking out so much. I think you were 100% right when you said most of the people acting like this site is dead probably just came here from a tik-tok video looking for Pokemon. You can literally find Rom's like that all over the internet in about two seconds. This site was always the spot for finding/diving into more obscure titles you'd have trouble tracking down irl, and you can still do that. F this negativity, people need to chill and get back to gaming.

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KeatonaKoopa -- 7/2/2024 2:35 am UTC
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MacUser2 -- 7/7/2024 11:56 pm UTC