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Re: Done except for missing games

Posted by MacUser2 on .
I've got manuals for MacPlay and LucasArts games but they don't go here. lol

In reply to: Done except for missing games posted by EbrithilBowser on .
I have finished uploading all game manuals I own at the moment, except for three that cannot be selected when I want to upload something:

- Wii Points Card for Wii
- The Incredibles for Playstation 2 (only the Portugese version can be selected, I own the German version)
- Dragonborne for Game Boy

As long as those three games are not made available and I can't find any used games that still have manuals, I'm done for now.

Re: Done except for missing games
EbrithilBowser -- 6/28/2024 6:12 am UTC