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Well, this is sad...

Posted by Itsrobbeh on .
Vimm's lair has been doing terribly recently, I feel like next month the lair could be taken down, so let's take a moment to appreciate vimm, and what he's been doing for us for over 20 years, and let's take a moment to realise how scummy Nintendo are, of they hear so much as you have a worthless game file from one of their shitty consoles, they'll find your ass, I promise to never pay them a cent ever again, and that's on my family, anyways bye. vimm, we love you.

""if you do a shit at 11:59 pm, and you take 2 minutes doing it, same shit, different day" "

Re: Well, this is sad...
Rorenado -- 6/30/2024 1:13 am UTC