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Re: Well, this is sad...

Posted by Rorenado on .
Yeah, a lot of more popular games are gone for the moment, but the site's not going down. There are still a bunch of games here that won't get taken down, and there's also the manual project. Not to mention, he just revamped the message boards.

"Video games are cultural heritage. Preserve them."

In reply to: Well, this is sad... posted by Itsrobbeh on .
Vimm's lair has been doing terribly recently, I feel like next month the lair could be taken down, so let's take a moment to appreciate vimm, and what he's been doing for us for over 20 years, and let's take a moment to realise how scummy Nintendo are, of they hear so much as you have a worthless game file from one of their shitty consoles, they'll find your ass, I promise to never pay them a cent ever again, and that's on my family, anyways bye. vimm, we love you.