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Re: Something that's been bugging me,/on my mind,

Posted by MacUser2 on .
Mario Kart Wii was taken down because Nintendo used AI to take down every single game with Mario or Mario Kart in the title. It's automatic. Same deal with Earthbound/Mother. ALTTP is part of their Zelda take down. Those are all major Nintendo IPs. They don't seem to value Wario or Kirby though. Or maybe they haven't thought of it yet. Strange because usually Nintendo is pretty protective of all of their properties. Sus. Anyway all of those mainline SNES games are in the Switch Online service and they want you to basically pay to rent them temporarily and to pay them every month or every year. You could argue that they trickle out releases on the Online service (and they do) but most of their mainline smash hits are there on the service by now. I don't think they hate what's already perfect, they just want to be the only ones to have it to make it seem more special than it is. Nintendo released these games on the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS in the past, but those are no longer available. It's the Disney vault method of making things temporarily exclusive so you pay them constantly for it. Strange because fans would pay to download them. Maybe it's to stop piracy? Again I go back to the vault method theory. They wanna be the only ones to offer it. Nintendo doesn't allow their games to release on any platform other than their own. That goes for phones, Steam, PlayStation, XBOX, ect. They are the only company still fighting to keep things exclusive. Maybe that's good, maybe that's bad. It is certainly a pain in the butt.

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Something that's bugging me about all this between vimm and Nintendo is: Why remove what was already perfect? Why go through so much trouble just to destroy something that fans ACTUALLY love to play? (Earthbound, A Link to the past, or Even Mario Kart Wii for example.)

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