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Re: New Manuals?

Posted by Vimm on .
The upload system is working and I tested it using a scan of Bushido Blade 2 for PS1 that I made several months ago. I'm still having an issue with it timing out on large uploads so I was only able to upload the first half of the manual. I'll keep working on the timeout issue and also add more validation and error messages, but for smaller manuals it should work now.

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Ah, the online submitter is not ready yet. That would explains the errors I received when I tried to upload...

Upload complete!
Processing ""....
Error: Internal error adding manual to database.

I have the following manuals scanned and ready to upload when you get it working:

Atari 2600 - Berzerk, Crystal Castles, Defender, ET, Golf, Pole Position

Sega Genesis - FIFA Soccer 95, General Chaos, Mutant League Football, NHL 95, Star Trek The Next Generation

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