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Re: No Manuals for over 5 months ?

Posted by DONALD on .
Thanks for answering my message Vimm . Maybe you could have your members load manuals via mediafire and you could in turn put them in your Manual Project .
If the members see their work effort being placed in your project it could rekindle the fire to acquire every manual we could possibly ask for .
You might want to create another message board entitled Load Manuals Here and have an explanation to use mediafire or a service similar to it . Ans you in turn load the manual in the project and everybody is happy

In reply to: Re: No Manuals for over 5 months ? posted by Vimm on .
You're right, I think the upload form has been broken since I switched to the noframes design. The FFA Links form was also busted which I've just fixed. I'll take a look at it this week and get it back up and running.