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Re: The Contest, now with Reality Control

Posted by Tarbolde on .
The article linked below was posted eleven months to the day after this thread was started.

That's probably just a coincidence. :-P


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Within ten hours after this thread was posted, Microsoft updated the contents of the page that's linked in the OP image. That's probably just a coincidence.

The links below are a screenshot of how the page appeared at the time this thread was started:


* Presented in two parts to avoid rescaling by the image host.

The new version manages to sound even more condescending and out of touch than the original.

"In the past 12 years you’ve probably gotten a new phone, maybe a new TV, and possibly even a new car. Maybe it’s time for a new PC too... and they’re less expensive than you might think." - Microsoft

Reminding the Proles how shitty the last 12 years have been to them = awesome sales strategy. I'm going to take a screenshot of the new version just in case that disappears down the memory hole as well.