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Posted by Vimm on .
I'll do some digging but can't make any promises. The original board was a single perl script with no database so every post had its own page. Posts were assigned a number from 1-10000 and over time it would roll over. So I never had a full copy of the original boards, only a rolling collection of the last 10,000 posts. It's possible I may have a copy of that folder lurking somewhere.

Over time I learned how to use databases, and once The Vault was databased I decided to rewrite the message boards. Now posts never age off and I keep a rolling 60-day database backup on the server plus an occasional off-server copy.

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I tried using the internet archive wayback machine and it goes back until June 2003, which must have been when the aforementioned upgrade occurred. So I'm more interested to know if you have any old posts from ~2000-2003?