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Posted by Clickbaitpotato on .
Yes I do understand that you have a life man, but we have all tried multiple times to give reason to your complaints and you just seem to ignore them. Yes I know waiting for 6 hours to download a file that doesn't work sucks and it is completely fair to complain but at least try to acknowledge the fact that the download speeds are intentionally kept really slow. I'm sorry for swearing at you it was completely unwarranted and I don't blame you for being angry at me. Truce?

Also if you make fun of my name again I will report you to Mojang and ban your Minecraft account

"The clickbait Jack.... It never changes"

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no. I just have a life so don't reply 24/7 retard. Also my complaint was warranted, 6 hour download for a broken file yet you act like its a perfect download. funny that your name is potato

Re: Download Speeds
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