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Welcome to The Romfinder's ROM Request Board. We're dedicated to helping people find rare, unusual, or hard to find ROMs. Please try to do a little searching on your own before asking the Romfinders for help. We'll only help find ROMs for systems that are no longer in production, so if it's still being made please don't ask for the ROM, go buy it!

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Subject Poster / Date
Not a game request but a website request
arcadeaaron --
The Lost Vikings
TheSilentSaint --
Re: The Lost Vikings
arcadeaaron --
Daniel King --
Mother 3
curby --
Re: Mother 3
Alistair28 --
Custom Robo
Soulster --
twiztidchef --
ArcadeAaron --
ClassicSD --
Himsa --
classic Xbox / xbox360
Ionite --
Godzilla - Kaijuu Daikessen
LotusEater --
Famicom Grand Prix - F1 Race
Chrom --
Splinter Cell games
Kadash --
Zelda ocarina of time ntsc 1.0 request
benjie44 --
Doctor Who Wii Games
UPQP71 --
Looking for some specific games
slumberdan --
No Azure Dreams?
Himsa --
Re: No Azure Dreams?
Himsa --
Thrill Kill
Himsa --
Japanese Cooking Game
twiztidchef --
Xbox in the vault
RobotGuy405 --
I can't download my games?
thepotatolord --
Re: I can't download my games?
Tricob --
I wish to upload Terranigma to your site.
DeathVoid --
The World Ends With You? (Not the remake)
CheeseMan13 --
Re: The World Ends With You? (Not the remake)
Metotaku --
Re: The World Ends With You? (Not the remake)
CheeseMan13 --
Live a Live
TrueGB --
Re: Live a Live
Tricob --
... and this ...
Tricob --
One last link ...
Tricob --
Fire Emblem Binding Blade and Mother Games
delanips --
Fire Emblems
delanips --
Re: Fire Emblems
tiki --

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