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Welcome to The Romfinder's ROM Request Board. We're dedicated to helping people find rare, unusual, or hard to find ROMs. Please try to do a little searching on your own before asking the Romfinders for help. We'll only help find ROMs for systems that are no longer in production, so if it's still being made please don't ask for the ROM, go buy it!

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Subject Poster / Date
Pocket PC games... CAB files?
klikmaus --
Psp section?
halofreak61 --
Re: Psp section?
Blighttown --
Treasure of the Rudras (plus translation)
TrueGB --
2 in 1 Street Dance + Hit Mouse
TheSilentSaint --
Mother 3
ArnoldKMTR --
Re: Mother 3
Paulkdragon --
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Blazkowitz --
Dreamcast and/or PSP
Lycan212 --
Re: Dreamcast and/or PSP
Dorckles --
Re: Dreamcast and/or PSP
delanips --
Luigi's Mansion PAL
Fielf --
tomodachi collection
Dorckles --
Re: tomodachi collection
JuicyApple724 --
Brigandine: Grand Edition (Japan)
TheVerbotenOne --
Dragon Ball II Revival of the Dark Lord
Lycan212 --
The Firemen
Feztacular --
The World Ends With You
mycatsromancex --
Re: The World Ends With You
Mauio --
Dreamcast games?
sbghaseo --
Re: Dreamcast games?
DerpySnake --
7 Grand Dad
TheSilentSaint --
Paradox Spyro Year of the Dragon crack
sbghaseo --
Growlanser Generations
Katagaria_Lykos --
Fire Emblem 6? (The Binding Blade/Sword of Seals)
Rakensen --
Jet Set Radio Future
Nezza --
Rare Game Request
glibface --
Not a game request but a website request
arcadeaaron --
The Lost Vikings
TheSilentSaint --
Re: The Lost Vikings
arcadeaaron --
Daniel King --
Mother 3
curby --
Re: Mother 3
Alistair28 --
Custom Robo
Soulster --

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