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Posted by Heisenberg on .
Edit: There is also the argument that the security systems of the PSP and PS Vita have been hacked.

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I notice from the news boards that the rule for ROMs to be hosted here is that they have to be from consoles at least 2 console generations old (or according to other message boards: from an unsupported console). With this in mind, why do we not see any PSP or PS Vita games?

My argument being that while they are not at least 2 console generations old, PlayStation will no longer be creating handheld consoles ( the last revision of the PS Vita was a stationary console). So would that even matter in this case? And there is the fact that they are no longer supported by PlayStation (PS Vita might still be supported but it is as good as dead).

Is Vimm counting the regular PlayStation consoles? Will we have to wait for a PS5?

Re: PSP and PS Vita ROMs
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