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Re: Trouble getting Monster Hunter Tri to work.

Posted by TinMan1325 on .
Woops, ok Don't worry about the Nkit 1.4 + Wii Partitions folder or zip file I have. Pretend they aren't even there

Put the .nkit where ever you like. You can create a folder inside the folder where Dolphin is installed. Call is whatever you want, like Games or ROMs or something

Then you have to direct the emulator to where your games are. You do that by opening Dolphin, then clicking on the Config button, Paths, then Add..., and then you justopen up the folder where your games are saved

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I've got both 7z and Dolphin installed. I just get stuck on which folder the .nkit file is supposed to go, which ends up creating some problems. In your SS, would it go into "Nkit 1.4 + Wii Partitions?