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Re: Have guns, will travel

Posted by Tricob on .
The reason for the problem in North America is police corruption; violence is called in, but the police do nothing, so violence is glamorized. The sad thing is, the government can very easily solve these sorts of problems, but doesn't. The government gives the police extra money to go on drug busts, but no extra money at all for busting domestic crimes. For the violence to decrease, the "war" priority has to change. Forget the war on drugs; we need a war on violence.

- Tricob.

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In reply to: Have guns, will travel posted by Vimm on .
Another year, another gun slaying in the US. Nothing new there, right? Body count's up to 26 this time and people are finally kinda-sorta willing to talk about it.

Many people have an emotional attachment to their guns, and I respect that. I don't understand it, but I respect it. It occurs to me though that the US is not the only country in the world (despite what some may think) and it's hardly the only developed country with guns. So it begs the question, how have other countries tackled this problem?

And these countries aren't hard to find. Just look at places like Japan, Australia, the UK, Switzerland, even our neighbor Canada. They all have guns and lose under two hundred people per year to bullet wounds. And in the US? Thirty thousand. THOUSAND.

So why such an enormous gap? Clearly this problem is solvable and countries have used a variety of methods to prevent gun fatalities. It's not emotion or speculation, it's a fact. Isn't anyone curious how?