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Uh, no - XP was released for free many years back. It was packaged in some sort of EXE file. The executable seems very finicky about what hardware you have in your machine; I never had hardware where the EXE actually worked.

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If you mean XP Mode, that needs 2 GB RAM minimum including what 7 requires and it only works on Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions. Microsoft describes XP Mode as being for businesses needing backward compatibility, not for gamers.


"XP Mode was primarily designed to help businesses move from Windows XP to Windows 7. It isn't optimized for graphic-intensive programs such as 3D games"

Also worth knowing:

"XP Mode follows the same support lifecycle as Windows XP—extended support will end April 8, 2014."

Anyway, we're getting off track- I have an XP license. Here's a refresher on my current situation.


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