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Re: No joke!

Posted by johnross on .
You actually strong armed the Queen to death? Jesus Christ...

"o i c wat u did thar"

In reply to: Re: No joke! posted by Vimm on .
When you play the translation you can spot the changes. For example, every character has a unique ability like Cecil's dark arts that he uses in the intro (and you could never use). Chests were also moved to reward you sooner. I always found it odd that the anti-metal cave had a chest with an awesome hammer, but you couldn't use it since it was metal (oops!). Turns out it was originally in a later dungeon but by then it's not as awesome. Finally there's also less exp needed to level.

I never figured out the Queen's reflect trick either, though with a bit of patience I managed to power through her healing and whittle her down. I still have my NES and SNES collection with games like Final Fantasy 2, 3, and Chrono Trigger. Last I checked my most valuable game was Bubble Bobble 2 for NES.

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