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Well, at least some good news came to you in the end. :-)

- Tricob.

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While preparing to upgrade my older computer's RAM, I recalled the many times I'd dreamed of maxing it out, getting a high-speed connection, and hitting the web in style. After popping the RAM modules in place and reconnecting the cables, I loaded a Memtest floppy, hit the 'on' button and... nothing. It wouldn't pass even a single test. I tried re-seating the RAM, and then everything that I could think of, including cleaning the connectors, to no avail. It appeared as though my motherboard had failed after all. With a heavy heart, I powered down the rig for the last time. It had served me well for over six years, my loyal companion and willing accomplice on literally thousands of internet adventures.

Things went better with my newer computer. After outfitting it with 2 GB of RAM the machine took right off and had a snappy response the likes of which I'd never experienced before. And at some point, logic once again asserted itself.

It occurred to me that if my older PC's motherboard had been the cause of all the problems, then the 320 GB hard drive might still be alright. Hooking the drive up to my newer PC, it turned out that three of its partitions, including the 'sluggish' partition, were now accessible. The former C: partition was detected as RAW. Using a shareware recovery application I was able to get in to the former C: boot drive and recover the most important of my files, including my extensive list of games that I've beaten. I planned to try restoring function to the entire drive at some future date, but for the moment this was good enough.