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Re: Berserk the game

Posted by RangerValley on .
Hey there Gadf, i've gone and found the exact game you're looking for. I found an english patched version, and i have it stored in a google drive. Here you go!

You will also need the japanese PS2 BIOS if you want to run the game in PCSX2, those are right here:

The game suffers from a fair bit of graphical issues, the best solution i have currently is to run it in the DX11 software mode.


In reply to: Berserk the game posted by gadf on .
I was wondering were I could find an ISO of this game. It was only released in Japan, so I don't think it is on this site, but I really want to try it. Its full name is Berserk: Millennium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no Shou.