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Verifying .wbfs games with NKit

Wii games are often stored in .wbfs format which saves space by deleting junk data. NKit accurately restores that junk so you can finally verify .wbfs games in Redump.

To restore the disc NKit needs a copy of the upgrade partition (for most games) but happily there aren't too many of them. You can grab a copy of NKit with all the partitions you'll need below.

NKit 1.4 for Windows (604KB) - The core NKit app.
NKit 1.4 + Wii Partitions for Windows (3.89GB) - Includes all upgrade partitions for games in the Wii Vault.

NKit 1.0 introduced a UI. Run "NKitProcessingApp.exe" to start it.

(NKit 0.5)
Once you've unzipped NKit and your .wbfs games, restore and verify them with the command
"NKitRestore *.wbfs"

Sample Output

Learn more about NKit at GBAtemp.