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System Title Contributor Author Date Resolution
SNES Cacoma Knight in Bizyland    
SNES Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball    
SNES California Games II    
SNES Cannondale Cup    
SNES Capcom's MVP Football    
SNES Capcom's Soccer Shootout    
SNES Captain America and the Avengers Agent X Vimm 7/01/01 95
SNES Captain Commando    
SNES Captain Novolin    
SNES Carrier Aces    
SNES Casper    
SNES Castlevania: Dracula X Emilio Arias Abrego Emilio Arias Abrego 7/22/04 95
SNES Champions: World Class Soccer    
SNES Championship Pool    
SNES Championship Soccer '94    
SNES Chessmaster, The Riggs578 Vimm 12/27/03 95
SNES Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool    
SNES Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest    
SNES Choplifter III: Rescue-Survive 5/30/02  
SNES Chrono Trigger Vimm Vimm 7/01/00 95
SNES Chrono Trigger usxlover replacementdocs 7/14/10 ?
SNES Chuck Rock Riggs578 Vimm 1/21/04 95
SNES Clay Fighter    
SNES Clay Fighter 2: Judgment Clay    
SNES Clay Fighter: Tournament Edition    
SNES Claymates    
SNES Cliffhanger    
SNES Clue    
SNES College Football USA 97    
SNES College Slam bcruise Vimm 4/10/01 95
SNES Combatribes, The    
SNES Contra III: The Alien Wars Chris Sims Vimm 1/19/02 95
SNES Cool Spot    
SNES Cool World    
SNES CutThroat Island    
SNES Cyber Spin    
SNES Cybernator Mariyoshi Vimm 6/16/01 95

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