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System Title Contributor Author Date Resolution
SNES Pac-Attack    
SNES Pac-in-Time    
SNES Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures Timothy Vimm 7/01/00 95
SNES Pacific Theater of Operations Chris Sims Vimm 5/14/02 95
SNES Pacific Theater of Operations II Chris Sims Vimm 6/04/02 95
SNES Packy & Marlon    
SNES Pagemaster, The    
SNES Paladin's Quest Joser Vimm 2/08/01 95
SNES Paperboy 2 Vimm ? 4/27/04 95
SNES Peace Keepers, The    
SNES Pebble Beach Golf Links    
SNES PGA European Tour    
SNES PGA Tour '96    
SNES PGA Tour Golf Logan Vimm 9/25/02 95
SNES Phalanx    
SNES Phantom 2040    
SNES Pieces    
SNES Pilotwings    
SNES Pinball Dreams    
SNES Pinball Fantasies    
SNES Pink Panther in Pink Goes to Hollywood    
SNES Pinocchio 5/30/02  
SNES Pirates of Dark Water, The    
SNES Pit Fighter 3/03/02  
SNES Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure usxlover replacementdocs 7/14/10 ?
SNES Plok!    
SNES Pocky & Rocky usxlover replacementdocs 7/14/10 ?
SNES Pocky & Rocky 2    
SNES Populous    
SNES Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday Timothy Vimm 7/01/00 95
SNES Power Instinct    
SNES Power Moves    
SNES Power Piggs of the Dark Age    
SNES Power Rangers Zeo: Battle Racers usxlover replacementdocs 7/14/10 ?
SNES Prehistorik Man    
SNES Primal Rage Ryan Fahy Vimm 11/01/01 95
SNES Prince of Persia Timothy Vimm 7/01/00 95
SNES Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow & Flame Chris Sims Vimm 6/09/02 95
SNES Pro Quarterback    
SNES Pro Sport Hockey    
SNES Push-Over    

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