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Reviewer: Ariah Date: Mar 23, 2023
I grew up with this game being a huge mainstay in my repertoire. I have played it on the GameCube, PS3, and on Steam, and I'm about to play it for the Dreamcast. So I feel like despite not playing this version specifically, I'm actually pretty qualified. I want you to understand: I hate this game almost as much as I love it. It is a bug-ridden, poorly written m e s s. If you play this game while coming from modern gaming sensibilities, you'll either hate this or love its comedic value. But for those who were there, you get exactly why I love it so much.

Graphics: 8
The overall aesthetic design of the game, while not exactly aging like wine, is both very memorable and very fun to look at. Visuals can really make or break a game sometimes, and the visuals of this game really enhance it a lot.

Sound: 7
The sound is mixed and balanced poorly, and there are some stupid and goofy ones (which can either add to or detract from the experience depending on who you are), but overall it's pretty good considering. Ryan Drummond Sonic is far and away my favorite Sonic, and the voice actors all did a great job despite the abjectly terrible script they were given.

Gameplay: 7
Obnoxious and buggy. You can fall off cliffs without changing anything about where you're moving, you can fail at scripted events because you easily leapt outside of the limitations of it without knowing, and the gameplay is high-risk high-reward on top of these things that can happen almost completely outside your control. I would be giving it lower, however pre-Heroes Sonic games have very fun gameplay, and this does capture that wonder and awesome feeling of speed... mostly.

Overall: 9
These factors come together to deliver a strange and messy, yet fun and engaging experience. Despite my massive gripes with it, I just can't help but come back to it every once in a while, and I think that speaks volumes to how good this game is regardless.

This game is a product of its time. When appreciating that angle, this game is an amazing, awesome experience filled to the brim with radical action and epic fights, fun exploration and rewarding platforming. And if you were around back during its time, then absolutely get this one. Take a trip down memory lane.


Reviewer: TabletOrd Date: Jun 16, 2022
Sonic Adventure is a wonderful game for the Dreamcast, probably one of the best for the console, and that's saying a lot, as the games released on it are all amazing.

Graphics: 8
The graphics are very good for the time, but compared to other games for the console, there's room for improvement (mostly in facial animation in the cutscenes). However, the character and level design is absolutely brilliant. Just looking at levels is gorgeous, despite the dated graphics.

Sound: 9
The sound design is very creative and brings elements from classic Sonic games' sound design into Sonic's first mainline 3D game. The soundtrack is also amazing, with songs like Open Your Heart, It Doesn't Matter, Station Square and Casinopolis being incredible tunes.

Gameplay: 10
The gameplay is probably the best part of this game. The physics are fun and satisfying, the abilities you can use are very creative and useful, and are used to their full potential in levels, especially the Sonic levels. The game has multiple campaigns, and you unlock each one by reaching their first introduction in the main campaign, which is Sonic's. While the camera is a bit annoying, it doesn't get in the way all that much, and works past the fact it's buggy.

Overall: 9
This is a wonderful game, and I have figured that this game is a 9/10 overall, based on the scores I gave above. The soundtrack is one of, if not the best part of this game, alongside the gameplay.

Nothing more to say. Bravo SEGA.