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Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage

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Reviewer: bassman87 Date: Jan 15, 2009
This game is, simply put, extremely sub-par. BUT as its one of the few RPGs on the N64, it was almost worth having... Almost

Graphics: 1
God oh god... half the time you couldn't tell WHAT you were looking at. The blurred environment left it difficult to tell where you were headed and IF there was a path in any given direction. You would have to look around for half an hour just to find a road.
The figures were almost as bad, but at least you could see they were there...

Sound: 2
I never paid much attention to the sound. In fact, I think it was so bad I've blocked it out of my mind completely.

Gameplay: 3
This is where the game shined. Well, hum... twinkled a little like an old penny. On the up side, the characters were almost completely customizable while each being unique. I really would like to see more games with a leveling system more like this one. What it could have been...

On the other hand everything was SLOW... the unique leveling system took way too long before you got enough points to improve your characters. The battle sequences took forever for even the easy fights that lasted only a round or two. And to top it all off... the single worst part of this game... THE RATE IN WHICH YOU MOVE THROUGH THE OVERWORLD IS INSUFFERABLY SLOW. Seriously, moving from place to place took absolutely forever, and there aren't always even battles to break it up.

Overall: 3
This game is actually more than the sum of its parts, but only if you have a LOT of patience. And only if you really really like RPGs. Still, its unlikely you will enjoy this game, but you MIGHT be able to pretend to like it just to humor yourself...

Just don't play this game...just don't