N64 The Vault
TitlePlayersYearPublisherCart Size
San Francisco Rush 2049  Read the manual42000Midway128.3
San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing42000Midway87.0
Scooby-Doo! Classic Creep Capers12000THQ167.0
Sesame Street: Elmo's Letter Adventure11999NewKidCo641.0
Sesame Street: Elmo's Number Journey11999NewKidCo646.3
Shadow Man11999Acclaim327.7
Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers  Read the manual11999Kemco169.0
Snowboard Kids41998Atlus Co.87.7
Snowboard Kids 241999Atlus Co.167.6
South Park  Read the manual41998Acclaim167.1
South Park Rally42000Acclaim165.0
South Park: Chef's Luv Shack41999Acclaim167.0
Space Invaders21999Activision87.5
SpaceStation Silicon Valley  Read the manual11998Take-Two Interactive87.2
Star Fox 64  Read the manual41997Nintendo128.3
Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth11998Electro Brain126.0
Star Wars Episode I: Battle for Naboo12000LucasArts327.0
Star Wars Episode I: Racer  Read the manual21999LucasArts328.4
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron  Read the manual11998LucasArts169.1
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire  Read the manual11996Nintendo128.8
StarCraft 6422000Nintendo327.0
Starshot: Space Circus Fever11999Infogrames126.0
Stunt Racer 6442000Midway128.0
Super Bowling42001UFO Interactive8none
Super Mario 64  Read the manual11996Nintendo88.7
Super Smash Bros.  Read the manual41999Nintendo168.5
Supercross 200021999Electronic Arts16none
Superman: The New Superman Adventures41999Titus Software82.5