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Reviewer: Nation Date: Oct 30, 2009
Killer instinct Gold for the Nintendo 64 is the console version of Killer Instinct 2. It was released in 1996 by publisher RARE. The game is top notch. When Nintendo fans asked for an N64 fighting game, KI Gold was there.

Graphics: 9
Nintendo has always been very creative, and the graphics for KI Gold are no exception. While Playstation used rendered backgrounds and animated characters in games like Tekken, Nintendo improved the look of fighting games by reversing such a system. KI Gold Renders the fighter, leaving plenty of memory for animated stages. Not only that, but it allowed for more realistic looking fighters, and there is not one character who isn't Bad*ss in the lineup for KI Gold.

Sound: 10
The music is brilliant, plain and simple. Robin Beanland, the game's composer, has managed to capture what a battle is supposed to feel like through his very fast paced, catchy, and powerful music. The sound effects are awesome too. Whether it be Glacius grasping energy for an Ice projectile or T.J. Combo Unloading hollow tips into an opponent with his Uzi, the sound is fluid and very convincing.

Gameplay: 10
It's Street Fighter with a better combo system. You can cancel normals into a special, it involves the space controlling theory, and there are "Roll Characters" and "Charge Characters". The deficit is that there is a small roster of characters, provided you can play as Gargos, it just doesn't have enough characters. However, don't let that turn you away, the characters that they do have are AMAZING. The gameplay is very fast paced just make sure you play on Ludacris. In addition there is just more depth to this game. You can end the match 5 ways: Ultra Combo (much cooler than in the original KI), Ultimate Combo, a characters final move (also much cooler) by just eliminating your opponents life bar, and running out the clock. There are also infinite variations of these 4 ways. Great game, great great. oh btw... YAY no spending countless hours unlocking characters!!!

Overall: 10
Overall if you do not already you should definitely get this game, its worth it just to say you have it. A must have for any KI fan.

Masterpiece, I cannot wait until the sequel... oh wait... yes I can... thanks Rare...