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Mega Man 64

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Reviewer: weebz Date: Feb 1, 2009
A fan of Megaman since I can remember I was very excited about this when I first played it. Overall, a fun experience with a strange, yet very satisfying feel to it.

Graphics: 8
3-D Megaman = sweet. They did it pretty damn well considering the time, and the animation was relatively smooth. Only complaints is the... pretty much perfect rectangles for arms. Kinda cheap, but backgrounds and everything else looked really good. Favorite thing is the weird... other-worldly feel I get when playing this game... can't quite put my finger on it...

Sound: 8
Every sound effect is pretty straight-forward and satisfying. Each hit from your blaster gives that juicy smack sound you expect from the original games, but with more depth. Voices are actually pretty clear and nice, minus the cheesy lines. I also must say, I think it might be the ambient sound (or lack thereof) that gives the game a strange feeling of... other-worldly nostalgia... or something.

Gameplay: 8
Enemies are pretty fun and dynamic. Bosses are somewhat challenging, though they can be pretty easy to learn and get repetitive. Overall though, the entire experience of the game helps make up for the lack of difficulty.

Overall: 8
Overall, very good game, very much worth a try. If not for the game itself, at least to feel really satisfyingly strange for a few minutes.

Whether or not you are a fan of Megaman games, this is a refreshing new experience with (literally) a whole new dimension of gameplay.