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Resident Evil 2

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Reviewer: jon jon Date: Feb 14, 2010
Resident Evil 2 was my first N64 game I owned when I bought a 64. Though I played this game before on the PSX, I was a bit shocked it released on the N64. Those who never played it need to.

Graphics: 8
Graphics are great... back then, but now they show their age. Don't get me wrong this is STILL a solid game so don't judge a book by its cover. Some impressive and interesting cut-scenes really put this game in perspective.

Sound: 8
Sound is okay, but the PSX version beats this by far. The sounds in the N64 version of the game seem to sound "messy" in some places.

Gameplay: 8
If you played any classic Resident Evil game you know what to expect, but if you are new to Resident Evil then you might get a bit frustrated by the tank controls. Once you get used to them it actually ain't that bad.

Overall: 9
Though it's a straight port of a great PSX game it matches up well. The only thing I have a problem with is the sound filter and chippy cut-scenes.

I like the Resident Evil series and this title IS one of my favs. I favor the PSX version of the game, but the 64 version closely resembles it. If you like survival horror games this is the one to play by far. Period.