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Top Gear Rally

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Reviewer: G-Max Date: Aug 19, 2019
Kemco's first attempt at bringing the Top Gear franchise into the 3D realm has mixed results but still offers some casual fun.

Graphics: 6
Visually, it's a 1997 game through and through. Although the cars may lack some detail and don't look much better than older titles such as Ridge Racer Revolution.

Sound: 4
Sound design is rather disappointing, storage limitations can be blamed for this. Nothing stellar compared to the fantastic sound of the SNES titles.

Gameplay: 5
Riding near the edges of the lap doesn't slow you down and can absolutely break the game, AI is extremely dull. Driving feels drab but gets it done so to speak.

Overall: 5
Top Gear Rally offers an underwhelming racing experience even for its time, this ain't no V-Rally or Mario Kart.

A piece of it's time, better stick to the sequels unless you are nostalgic or want to experience how the series progressed.