Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

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Reviewer: Remcluse Date: Jun 1, 2013
It's a simple and classic storyline, a tragedy has befallen X and you must free all of the X to beat the game. Isn't that all you need?

Graphics: 10
The colors are vibrant, diverse, and just all around fun. Sometimes the camera can be a little funny when you need to keep track of a fast moving enemy.

Sound: 10
The music really astounded me on my first playthrough. It's so much fun, it's campy, and it doesn't really get old no matter how much I listen to it.

Gameplay: 8
The rolling mechanics are pretty good, although some attacks can be difficult to line up correctly. Your power ups seem to have little to no effect (And I see no difference between most of them). You have to stop to use familiars which for me just slow down the game immensely.

Overall: 8
This was an awesome and silly game that got overlooked in my opinion. It's surprisingly fun and had my toes tapping while I played.

Considering that on the menu screen they have the Sonic Team logo, I'm astounded. Although I guess this was before they got terrible, because this was, or was at least close to being a launch title.