GameCube The Vault

F-Zero GX  Read the manual?1.02003Nintendo8.8
F1 2002?1.02002EA Sports7.5
Fairly OddParents, The: Breakin' da Rules?1.02003THQ7.3
Fairly OddParents, The: Shadow Showdown?1.02004THQ8.6
Fantastic 4?1.02005Activision6.8
FIFA Soccer 06?1.02005EA Sports7.0
FIFA Soccer 07?1.02006EA Sports8.8
FIFA Soccer 2002?1.02001EA Sports8.2
FIFA Soccer 2003?1.02002EA Sports5.5
FIFA Soccer 2004?1.02003EA Sports9.9
FIFA Soccer 2005?1.02004EA Sports8.2
FIFA Street?1.02005EA Sports Big9.2
FIFA Street 2?1.02006EA Sports Big8.8
FIFA World Cup Germany 2006?1.02006Electronic Arts7.8
Fight Night Round 2?1.02005EA Sports8.8
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles  Read the manual?1.02004Nintendo8.6
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance  Read the manual?1.02005Nintendo8.8
Freaky Flyers?1.02003Midway8.8
Freedom Fighters?1.02003EA Games8.2
Freekstyle?1.02002EA Sports8.9
Freestyle Metal X?1.02003Midway5.7
Freestyle Street Soccer?1.02003Acclaim7.0
Frogger Beyond?1.02002Konami8.8
Frogger's Adventures: The Rescue?1.02003Konami8.2
Frogger: Ancient Shadow?1.02005Konami9.0
Future Tactics: The Uprising?1.02004Crave8.1