Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

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Reviewer: Remcluse Date: Jun 1, 2013
This game was basically a spiritual successor to the Diablo series, before Diablo 2 came out. It's a fantastic smash and bash with extensive and numerous levels, lots of hidden secrets, and satisfying boss fights.

Graphics: 7
The graphics are good, I can't say of when this one in particular was made, but they could have been better/retouched more for the GC/PS2 ports. There are short and beautiful intro animations to almost every level.

Sound: 9
Kind of old school sounds, some are a little wonky, but all of them are unique, and exciting enough to not want to mute the sound throughout the whole game.

Gameplay: 10
Sometimes your shots are clipped into walls, but the auto aim is tight and the hit-boxes are great, and everything is fluent for past paced action. Competing in multiplayer for treasure and food.

Overall: 9
This game deserves a top spot on any shelf. It's a great length, great replay value, never boring, AWESOME multiplayer. No two levels are the same, each has a different theme even if they're in the same category.

This game definitely has some nostalgia for me, but attempting to put that aside I can still fairly give this game a high rating.