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Metroid Prime

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Reviewer: Bamfs34 Date: Dec 12, 2016
My definition of a perfect game

Graphics: 10
The visuals in this game were as good as the Gamecube could offer and the game ran in 60 fps. The areas are varied taking you from the ruins of the overworld to the extremes of heat that were the Magmoor Caverns (lava) and the Phendrana Drifts (frozen tundra).

Sound: 10
The sound quality was never lacking and all of the music perfectly fit the area where it was happening.

Gameplay: 10
This is where this game shines. Everything else was top notch but the gameplay elevates it to perfect. The Metroid gameplay of free exploration lends credence to exploring this massive multi-location world for objectives and power-ups. The interaction is first person shooter but not overly action based. The battles are intense but short lived letting you get back to exploring the world or solving the puzzles. I am not saying that the gun battles aren't satisfying they just aren't the only focus. If you start to get lost the game will give you a hint to point you in the right direction based on the upgrades you have acquired; but you can also gain weapons upgrades from finding hidden caches in earlier areas. The scan system lets you gain as much or little of the story as you desire. If you want you can scan everything or alternatively scan only what you need to progress the story. Either way you will be taken on a journey through the universe the game creates. The story is paced well, not leaving you wanting more or asking why the game ended so early.

Overall: 10
Metroid Prime offered a complete game experience. It is the pinnacle of what the science fiction genre can offer. It blends the atmosphere of a top notch sci-fi game with the action and gameplay of a modern day shooter. It is a complete package that has not been replicated to this day.