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Reviewer: bruh Date: Nov 21, 2022
This game is actually pretty good. People are just mean. (And projecting too hard that this "isn't a Star Fox game" rather than taking the game for what it is.) It's truly a shame that Rare was pushed by Nintendo to make this a StarFox game, because otherwise I believe that this would be looked at as a flawed but enjoyable gem, like a number of 3D Rare titles already are.

Graphics: 7
I'm going to go somewhere between good and great? I can't clearly remember what standards were for GameCube. The art direction is pretty solid for a fantasy adventure game-- not amazing, fairly standard even, but certainly not bad. Enemies are VERY recycled-- be ready to see a LOT of the same 4 enemies. Locations are highly varied, which makes up a lot for this, imo.

Sound: 7
A number of sounds very much sound like they were purchased from a sound library, especially the "hitting" and "firing" sounds. Music is pretty alright. A bit generic at times, but always fitting. The "tribal" vibe the sound track goes for at times isn't really something I go for-- that's when it feels it's most generic. Voice acting vacillates between being pretty solid to wonderfully odd, particularly with some of the dinosaurs.

Gameplay: 8
YES THE ARWING SECTIONS ARE TRASH BUT THAT CLEARLY WASN'T THE FOCUS HERE. That aside, the ground combat is also pretty trash-- it's REALLY reminiscent of early 3D Zelda, but minus the additional layer of complexity that items added. HOWEVER, what this game lacks in combat, it makes up for in exploration. The puzzles aren't really head-scratchers, but this is to the game's benefit; the game always feels like its moving along, and urging you along with it. There are a lot of stand-out moments and locations to be found here, from the gorgeous beaches of Cape Claw, to the jail-break/stealth section in the sky, and (my personal favorite) when you need to take back the capital city from a band of roaming T-rexes. This is a (pre-Microsoft) Rare game, and it's a classic collect-a-thon but minus any down time. I really mean that in the best possible way.

Overall: 9
This is a game that, at least to me, is really a lot more than the sum of it's parts. There's really a lot here to like. It's an action-adventure game, with the emphasis really being on the adventure with the "action" feeling a lot more like an afterthought. If you're looking for a StarFox game, look elsewhere. If you're looking for really engaging combat, move along. But if you're looking for a solid, story/sequence-driven adventure game with varied locations to keep you from getting bored, this may be the game for you. That said, be aware that the final boss makes you engage in the space flight mechanics, which is pretty objectively a baffling decision, given how little the game makes you use them. Admittedly it brings the game down for me a bit, but it's still a fun ride to get there.

Tricky isn't that annoying. Just keep him fed.

I sense that this game was an "awakening" for some people in the same way that Sonic and Pokemon was for others. So, uh, just know that going in.