Super Smash Bros. Melee

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Reviewer: Genext Date: May 27, 2022
Super Smash Bros. Melee has been around since 2001 and is still being played worldwide especially as competitive platform fighter. Many have considered this as the Magnum Opus of Masahiro Sakurai. To even outlive many competitive fighting game maybe skeptics are right. It is also the last smash title to include exclusively characters from Nintendo IPs.

Graphics: 8
For a GameCube game this game has decent graphics, with the help of emulation from dolphin this game looks amazing. With texture dumps and upscaling you can really make this game look graphically impressive. The colors in-game really fit the tone of a Nintendo game unironically there isn't post processing going on like with Brawl so there isn't much grey at all.

Sound: 10
The games soundtrack and sound effects are amazing Nintendo knows how much music is important for their games in this era. There is a reason most of smash games soundtracks get carried over from game to game because it really amazing.

Gameplay: 9
This games gameplay is controversial as it is literally the most complex and execution based smash game ever created. With the addition of exploits such as wavedashing/Wavelanding, L-Canceling and much more. This game allows you to move extremely fast and chain combos due to how much hitstun is allowed in this game. Everything happens very quickly so you have to be on you toes when playing. This unfortunately leads to a big skill gap from a novice to a pro level player. There is a reason why later smash games have a slower pace, this game was never meant to be as competitive as it is. Even with that being said it attracts people who want be good in said game. The more competitive a game can be the more longevity the game has. That's why when brawl came out it was very slow and it added tripping effect to negate the competitive nature of melee. I feel like Ultimate is best smash game to come out because it caters to everyone by having a middle ground. not being too slow and it rewards you for good play (most of the time lol)

Overall: 9
Melee is game that seeming is never going to die in terms of a competitive nature. That being said it is a smash game and yes you don't have to play melee with 4 stock 8 min timers and the competitive stage list. Like me for example I play melee semi-competitively online. When my younger brother comes we relax play with items and mess around mods especially Akaneia melee'e volleyball. You can enjoy melee even if your not a competitive player just like every other smash game.

Melee has a lot of cool mods just for fun like Silly Melee with all of its graphical changes, or added characters from Akeneia melee or Beyond melee. Mods are really fun on melee's engine if you are used to using exploits from vanilla.