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Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3

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Reviewer: Carlos Date: May 12, 2022
Yea, I just watched AntDude video about the Wario Land series and this game peaked my interested since he praised the series quite greatly in his video about it. So I got a "Legal" copy of a game and played it and I found it quite enjoyable.

Graphics: 8
I think the graphics are quite detailed and amazing in this game. I really like Wario faces and animation was quite good for a Gameboy game. This game really impressed me with how much the Gameboy can kinda emulated the details the Super Nintendo gave to it's graphic with Wario being an example. The environments are quite detailed and I like how some of the environmental details hints towards secrets.

Sound: 10
All I can say is that Wario Land music is just really amazing. One of my favorite tracks was on the train level where Wario has to move toward the front of the train to beat the level. The level pretty interesting itself when you have jump off the train to get on to another train but the music just improved it quite a lot with it reminding my of other Mario games and just pump the level up greatly. Truly if you want a Gameboy game with outstanding tunes then Wario Land is the game for you.

Gameplay: 8
I would actually give the combat an 7.5 as I found it quite enjoyable. The controls works such as it intended which would make sense since this is a Nintendo game after all. Wario move-set is just walk,charge,jump,throw and a ground pound. These moves work quite well as it shows Wario is not like Mario who jumps high and can run quite fast as Wario is a more tough slow type of character. I really like how all the power-ups affect Wario move-set or his surroundings. An example of this would the be the horns cap power-up, the power up gives wario a stronger charger that last a bit longer but that not all that it gives Wario. It also gives Wario a ability to cause earthquakes to his surroundings. Basically when Wario jump then press down, he would do a ground pound, but with this power up Wario ground pound basically shakes the whole screen and stun near by enemies. This power up also caused enemies that crawl on the ceiling to fall and be stuck in a stun for a bit.

Overall: 9
Overall this game is just a top quality product from Nintendo that let's you play as one of the villains in the series and oh boy do I like the game. This game overall is really up there for personal favorites as I had such a great time with it and I believed it a must play for every gamer out there.

What sucks about this game is that It so good that I wish Nintendo would make another Wario game for the switch but alas it only WarioWare they making these day's. WarioWare not bad at all it just I want some more Wario platforming actions with a more modern style and in a 3d environment.