TitlePlayersYearCart Size
F-1 Race  Read the manual419901289.0
F-15 Strike Eagle11992128none
F1 Pole Position219932561.0
Faceball 2000119911287.1
Fastest Lap21991128none
Felix the Cat1199312810.0
Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge11992128none
Fidgetts, The11993256none
FIFA International Soccer11994512none
FIFA Soccer 9611995512none
FIFA Soccer 9711996512none
Fighting Simulator 2 in 1: Flying Warriors21991128none
Final Fantasy Adventure  Read the manual119912567.2
Final Fantasy Legend II  Read the manual119912567.3
Final Fantasy Legend III  Read the manual119932566.6
Final Fantasy Legend, The  Read the manual119891286.7
Fish Dude1199164none
Fist of the North Star219901285.0
Flash, The11991128none
Flintstones, The1199425610.0
Flintstones, The: King Rock Treasure Island1199212810.0
Foreman for Real11995256none
Fortified Zone2199112810.0
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball11995512none