TitleRegionVersionLanguagesCart Size
F-1 Race  Read the manual1.1-1289.0
F-15 Strike Eagle1.0-128none
F1 Pole Position1.0-2561.0
Faceball 20001.0-1287.1
Fastest Lap1.0-128none
Felix the Cat1.0-12810.0
Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge1.0-128none
Fidgetts, The1.0de en es fr it nl sv256none
FIFA International Soccer1.0de en es fr512none
FIFA Soccer 961.0de en es fr512none
FIFA Soccer 971.0-512none
Fighting Simulator 2 in 1: Flying Warriors1.0-128none
Final Fantasy Adventure  Read the manual1.0-2567.3
Final Fantasy Adventure (Collection of Mana)1.0-none
Final Fantasy Legend II  Read the manual1.0-2566.9
Final Fantasy Legend II (Collection of SaGa)1.0-none
Final Fantasy Legend III  Read the manual1.0-2566.6
Final Fantasy Legend III (Collection of SaGa)1.0-none
Final Fantasy Legend, The  Read the manual1.0-1286.4
Final Fantasy Legend, The (Collection of SaGa)1.0-none
Fish Dude1.0-64none
Fist of the North Star1.0-1285.0
Flash, The1.0-128none
Flintstones, The1.0-25610.0
Flintstones, The: King Rock Treasure Island1.0-12810.0
Foreman for Real1.0-256none
Fortified Zone1.0-12810.0
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball1.0-512none

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