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LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

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Reviewer: Gabe Ruiz Date: Mar 25, 2023
I love Lego games. Nearly all of them have been home runs, except for this one (and TLM2).

I never liked the Harry Potter franchise, even before the creator was transphobic. I just find it stupid. A kid whose parents hate him is a celebrity at a wizard school that is snakecist? No thanks, I'd rather watch The Lord Of The Rings.

Graphics: 8
The graphics in this game are still above the standards of a Lego game. It's not that hard to make good looking graphics for a Lego game. The only issues I have are the use of Lego bricks and pieces that don't exist in real life. Why do the wands here look better than the wands in real Lego sets?

Sound: 6
The music in this game is really good, as it was the only good part of the films in my opinion. Although it's only a 6 because there are a few annoying sound effects in this game, such as the mandrake scream, the two times where Voldemort (as a baby for some reason) start crying, and the scene where Norbert is born.

Gameplay: 4
I honestly think that the gameplay has seriously been neutered compared to the "Classic 5" and even LEGO Indiana Jones 2. You unlock story characters by finding their character token in the hub world instead of completing levels. This is stupid because it pads out the game needlessly. This game is also stingy on when you can start free roaming. In order to start collecting stuff, you'll need to get the Reducto spell (at the end of Film 4), go to "The Magic Begins" to unlock Griphook, go to "The Basilisk" to unlock Tom Riddle, and then still grind for studs to even get ready. What were they thinking? People say that this game was better than LIJ2, I call bullcrap on that. This game is the worst Mumble-Era Lego game in my opinion.

Overall: 3
It would've been better if they made something like "LEGO Wizards Of A Waverly Place" or "LEGO Diary Of A Wimpy Kid". This is not a good Lego game nor a good game at all.