ABC Wipeout 31.0-none
AC-DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack1.0-none
Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation1.0de en es fr it9.5
Adidas miCoach1.0-none
Adrenalin Misfits1.0-none
Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know!1.0-none
Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations1.0-none
Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom1.0-none
Adventures of Tintin, The: The Game1.0-none
Afro Samurai1.0-10.0
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars1.0-none
Air Conflicts: Vietnam1.0-none
Akai Katana1.0-none
Alan Wake1.0de en es fr it ja ko pl ru zh8.0
Alice: Madness Returns1.0de en es fr itnone
Alien: Isolation1.0de en es fr it pl pt ru9.0
Aliens vs. Predator1.0de en es fr it8.0
Aliens: Colonial Marines1.0de en es fr it pl3.0
Alone in the Dark1.0de en es fr itnone
Alpha Protocol1.0de en es fr itnone
Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked1.0-10.0
Amazing Spider-Man 2, The1.0de en es fr itnone
Amazing Spider-Man, The1.0de en es fr it7.0
America's Army: True Soldiers1.0-none
Amped 31.0de en fr itnone
Anarchy Reigns
~ Max Anarchy
1.0en es fr it janone
Angry Birds Star Wars1.0de en es fr it ptnone
Angry Birds Trilogy1.0-none
Apache: Air Assault1.0-none
Arcania: Gothic 41.0-none
Armored Core 41.0-9.3
Armored Core V1.0-none
Armored Core: For Answer1.0en es fr9.3
Armored Core: Verdict Day1.0-none
Army of Two1.0-8.0
Army of Two: The 40th Day1.0de en es fr it9.0
Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel1.0en es fr7.5
Assassin's Creed1.1de en es fr it9.0
Assassin's Creed II1.0da de en es fr it nl no svnone
Assassin's Creed III (Single-player)1.1en es fr pt7.3
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag1.0da de en es fi fr it nl no pt sv9.7
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood1.0da de en es fr it nl no pt svnone
Assassin's Creed: Revelations1.0da de en es fr it nl no pt svnone
Assassin's Creed: Rogue1.0de en es fr it nl pl pt10.0
Asura's Wrath1.0-9.3
Attack of the Movies 3-D1.0-none
Autobahn Polizei1.0-none

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