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Kawasaki Caribbean Challenge

Players 1
Year 1993
Cart size 12 Mbit
File size 816 KB
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Overall6  (4 votes)  

Kawasaki Caribbean Challenge (USA).sfc
CRC 37D8AC57
Verified 2019-09-22

816 KB
816 KB

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Official Game Genie Codes
DF6F-64ADOnly 1 lap required to qualify instead of 2
DF67-676DRaces are 1 lap instead of 5
D467-676DRaces are 2 laps
D767-676DRaces are 3 laps
D067-676DRaces are 4 laps
DB82-0DD7Coming in first is worth 9 points instead of 5
D982-0FD7Coming in last is worth 5 points instead of 0
DB82-0FD7Coming in last is worth 9 points
6D80-DD04Always advance to the next island regardless of points
D7C2-0F04Each island requires 3 points instead of 5
D0C2-0F04Each island requires 4 points
D1C2-0F04Each island requires 6 points
D5C2-0F04Each island requires 7 points
6967-07ADOpponents drive erratically--player is guaranteed 1st place
6967-070DStart the Challenge with the 2nd motorcycle and jet ski