TitleRegionVersionYearCart Size
Bahamut Lagoon  T-1.02002248.9
Ballz 3D: Fighting at Its Ballziest1.0199487.5
Bananas de Pijamas (Pirate)1.0none
Barbie Super Model1.0199385.7
Barkley Shut Up and Jam!1.01994128.0
BASS Masters Classic1.01994127.9
BASS Masters Classic: Pro Edition1.01996167.7
Bassin's Black Bass1.01994168.4
Bastard!! Dark God of Destruction  T-1.02000125.6
Batman Forever  Read the manual1.11995245.0
Batman Returns  Read the manual1.0199388.1
Battle Blaze1.0199384.7
Battle Cars1.0199387.5
Battle Clash  Read the manual1.0199288.3
Battle Grand Prix1.0199387.4
Battletoads in Battlemaniacs  Read the manual1.0199388.5
Battletoads-Double Dragon1.0199388.1
Bazooka Blitzkrieg1.0199249.3
BB Gun: Survival Game Simulation  T-1.02004166.8
Beauty and the Beast1.0199485.0
Beavis and Butt-Head1.01994127.1
Bebe's Kids1.0199382.1
Beethoven: The Ultimate Canine Caper!  Read the manual1.0199344.6
Best of the Best: Championship Karate1.0199287.1
Big Sky Trooper1.01995165.7
Biker Mice from Mars1.0199487.4
Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball1.0199146.3
Bill Walsh College Football1.0199487.7
BlaZeon: The Bio-Cyborg Challenge1.0199287.9
Blues Brothers, The1.0199346.1
Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure1.01995246.7
Boxing Legends of the Ring1.0199387.6
Brain Lord  Read the manual1.01994128.8
Brainies, The1.0199248.3
Bram Stoker's Dracula  Read the manual1.0199386.4
Brandish  Read the manual1.01995126.3
Brawl Brothers1.01993127.7
Breath of Fire  Read the manual1.01994128.2
Breath of Fire (Switch Online)1.0none
Breath of Fire II  T  Read the manual-1.02009327.5
Breath of Fire II1.01995248.8
Breath of Fire II (Virtual Console, Switch Online)1.0none
Brett Hull Hockey1.01993165.5
Brett Hull Hockey 951.01994166.8
Bronkie the Bronchiasaurus1.0199484.1
Brunswick World Tournament of Champions1.01997168.8
Brutal: Paws of Fury1.01994167.4
Bubsy II1.01994166.3
Bubsy in: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind  Read the manual1.01992167.6
Bug's Life, A (Pirate)1.0none
Bugs Bunny: Rabbit Rampage  Read the manual1.01993127.9
Bulls vs Blazers and the NBA Playoffs1.1199286.3

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