TitleRegionVersionYearCart Size
Natsume Championship Wrestling1.01994166.9
NBA All-Star Challenge1.0199285.3
NBA Give 'n Go1.01995168.8
NBA Hang Time1.01996248.6
NBA Jam1.11993168.6
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition  Read the manual1.01994248.9
NBA Live 95  Read the manual1.01994128.1
NBA Live 961.01995128.9
NBA Live 971.01996167.8
NBA Live 981.01997168.8
NBA Showdown1.0199386.8
NCAA Basketball  Read the manual1.1199386.4
NCAA Basketball (Arcade)1.0none
NCAA Final Four Basketball1.01994126.8
NCAA Football1.0199487.8
New Horizons  Read the manual1.01994168.8
Newman Haas IndyCar featuring Nigel Mansell1.01994165.2
NFL Football1.0199486.3
NFL Quarterback Club1.01994247.3
NFL Quarterback Club 961.01995246.2
NHL '94  Read the manual1.0199488.8
NHL 951.0199488.6
NHL 96  Read the manual1.01995128.8
NHL 97  Read the manual1.11996128.4
NHL 981.01997168.1
NHL Stanley Cup  Read the manual1.0199386.6
NHLPA Hockey 93  Read the manual1.1199247.5
Nickelodeon GUTS1.01994126.9
Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing1.0199387.7
Ninja Gaiden Trilogy1.01995128.0
No Escape1.01994165.8
Nobunaga's Ambition  Read the manual1.0198847.5
Nolan Ryan's Baseball1.0199146.0

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