F-Zero  Read the manual1.0-8.7
F-Zero (Virtual Console, Classic Mini, Switch Online)1.0-9.5
F1 Pole Position  Read the manual1.0-8.1
F1 ROC: Race of Champions  Read the manual1.0-5.6
F1-ROC II: Race of Champions  Read the manual1.0-6.0
Faceball 2000  Read the manual1.0-6.2
Family Dog  Read the manual1.0-3.2
Family Feud  Read the manual1.1-8.2
Fatal Fury  Read the manual1.0-6.5
Fatal Fury 2  Read the manual1.0-6.2
Fatal Fury Special  Read the manual1.0-6.6
Feda: The Emblem of Justice  T-1.0tr8.7
FIFA International Soccer  Read the manual1.0-7.3
FIFA Soccer 96  Read the manual1.0de en es fr it sv6.9
FIFA Soccer 97  Read the manual1.0de en es fr it sv8.4
Fighter's History  Read the manual1.1-6.1
Final Fantasy II  Read the manual1.1-8.6
Final Fantasy II (Virtual Console)1.1-10.0
Final Fantasy III  Read the manual1.1-8.8
Final Fantasy IV  T-1.0tr7.7
Final Fantasy V  T-1.0tr8.6
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest  Read the manual1.1-8.3
Final Fight  Read the manual1.0-8.4
Final Fight (Capcom Town)1.0-none
Final Fight (Virtual Console)1.0-none
Final Fight 2  Read the manual1.0-7.8
Final Fight 2 (Virtual Console)1.0-none
Final Fight 3  Read the manual1.0-8.6
Final Fight 3 (Virtual Console)1.0-none
Final Fight Guy  Read the manual1.0-6.3
Firepower 2000  Read the manual1.0-8.3
FireStriker  Read the manual1.0-8.4
First Samurai  Read the manual1.0-8.0
First Samurai (QUByte Classics)1.0-none
Flashback: The Quest for Identity  Read the manual1.0de en fr8.1
Flintstones, The  Read the manual1.0de en es fr it7.1
Flintstones, The: The Treasure of Sierra Madrock  Read the manual1.0-7.8
Football Fury  Read the manual1.0-7.0
Foreman for Real  Read the manual1.0-7.1
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball  Read the manual1.0-6.2
Frantic Flea  Read the manual1.0-3.9
Frogger  Read the manual1.0-6.8
Front Mission  T-1.0tr8.7
Full Throttle: All-American Racing  Read the manual1.0-8.8
Fun 'n Games  Read the manual1.0-5.0

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