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King Arthur's World

Players 1
Year 1992
Cart size 4 Mbit
File size 353 KB
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King Arthur's World (USA).sfc
Verified 2019-09-17

353 KB
353 KB

Official Game Genie Codes
F561-DD86Start on training level 2
FB61-DD86Start on training level 3
F161-DD86Start on training level 4
F261-DD86Start on training level 5
F361-DD86Start on training level 6
FE61-DD86Start on training level 7
4D61-DD86Start on training level 8
FC61-DD86Start on training level 9
DF61-DD86Start on real world level 1
D461-DD86Start on real world level 2
D761-DD86Start on real world level 3
D061-DD86Start on real world level 4
D961-DD86Start on goblin underworld level 1
D161-DD86Start on goblin underworld level 2
D561-DD86Start on goblin underworld level 3
D661-DD86Start on goblin underworld level 4
DA61-DD86Start on cloud world level 1
D261-DD86Start on cloud world level 2
D361-DD86Start on cloud world level 3
DE61-DD86Start on cloud world level 4
FD61-DD86Start on cloud world level 5
FF61-DD86Start on cloud world level 6
F461-DD86Start on cloud world level 7
8EA8-642F + 8EAC-6F2FUnlimited men--if you have at least one of that type
CBEB-6405 + F0EB-6465 + DDEB-64A5Start with many men
8EBC-6DECUnlimited spells--must have at least one to use
C4EE-6D79 + 7DEE-6D59 + D4EE-6D89Start with 4 of each type of spell