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Krusty's Super Fun House

Players 1
Year 1992
Cart size 4 Mbit
File size 319 KB
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Overall7.1  (10 votes)  

Krusty's Super Fun House (USA) (Rev 1).sfc
CRC ac5116d9More...
Verified 2020-07-15

319 KB

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Official Game Genie Codes
DD65-67DF + 6D65-670F + D965-676FStart with section 1 finished
DF65-67DF + 6D65-670F + D965-676FStart with section 2 finished
D465-67DF + 6D65-670F + D965-676FStart with section 3 finished
D765-67DF + 6D65-670F + D965-676FStart with section 4 finished
D065-67DF + 6D65-670F + D965-676FStart with access to all sections
DF6C-D704Start with 1 life instead of 3
D46C-D704Start with 2 lives
D96C-D704Start with 5 lives
D56C-D704Start with 7 lives
DB6C-D704Start with 9 lives
C265-0FA7Infinite lives
DD6B-D764Start with 0 custard pies
D46B-D764Start with 2 custard pies
D96B-D764Start with 5 custard pies
D46B-D764 + DF6C-DDA4Start with 2 superballs instead of 10 custard pies
D96B-D764 + DF6C-DDA4Start with 5 superballs
DF6C-DDA4Start with 10 superballs
D43D-67D7Custard pie bonus worth 2 pies instead of 10
D93D-67D7Custard pie bonus worth 5 pies
Using the next two codes together will freeze the game on pick-up of superball or pie. Switch off effects to unfreeze
D03D-6767Custard pie bonus same as superball bonus
6D3F-6DA7 + E03F-6FD7Superball bonus same as custard pie bonus
D43F-6F67Superball bonus worth 2 balls instead of 5
DC3F-6F67Superball bonus worth 10 balls
C1E1-D7DDInfinite custard pies
C1E2-D76DInfinite superballs
D53E-0407Food bonuses restore less strength
F33E-0407Food bonuses restore more strength
173E-0407Food bonuses restore Krusty to full strength
D03D-6FD7Food bonuses also get custard pie bonus
D33D-6FD7Food bonuses also get superball bonus
3134-6D67 + 6D34-6D07Doll bonus same as custard pie bonus
ED34-6D67 + 6D34-6D07Doll bonus same as superball bonus
2F34-6D67 + 6D34-6D07Doll bonus same as food bonus
8725-0D64Krusty invincibility
FD3C-D704Krusty jumps higher
D63C-D704Krusty jumps much higher