Super Nintendo
Ranma 1-2: Hard Battle

Players 2 Simultaneous
Year 1992
Cart size 12 Mbit
Serial #SNS-R2-USA

Overall7.25 (28 votes) 

Ranma 1-2 - Hard Battle (USA).sfc
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Disc #
1.05 MB

Official Game Genie Codes
D7B4-0DA9 + EABF-04D9Ranma moves faster
E8B7-07D9 + D0B7-0769Ranma jumps faster
E1B7-0769Ranma's diagonal jumps are higher
F6B7-AD60Ranma's diagonal kicks are harder
1DB1-D4D9Ranma's dragon blast kills with 1 hit
D78F-6DD5 + EA8D-DFD5Genma moves faster
E48C-6DD5Genma's paternal anger (running at enemy) is faster
4689-0465Genma's verbal punishment is stronger
1D89-0465Genma's verbal punishment kills with 1 hit
EA81-6760 + D7B5-6460Ryoga moves faster
EA8B-6D60 + D78B-6760Ryoga jumps faster
1DD8-DD05Ryoga's bandana throw kills with 1 hit
EAC9-D765 + D7C1-D465Shampoo moves faster
E9CF-0765Shampoo's dragon sky kick is faster
E9CE-D465Shampoo's super fury charge goes farther
1DCB-A4A1Shampoo's fury charge 1 hit kill
41C5-67D1Shampoo's kick is faster
EA84-D4D1 + D787-DFD1Akane moves faster
E880-D7D1 + D089-6760Akane jumps faster
E68E-DFD1Akane's 2-step whip kick is faster
418B-6D69Akane's 2-step whip kick is stronger
1D8B-6D69Akane's 2-step whip kick kills with 1 hit
3E8A-DF61 + EE8A-D401Akane's dust devil uppercut is faster
ECC5-64D9 + D0C6-6FD9Gosunkugi moves faster
E8CB-67D9 + D0CC-64D9Gosunkugi jumps faster
40D8-DD05Gosunkugi's straw man throw does more damage
1DD8-DD05Gosunkugi's strawman throw kills with 1 hit
ECB8-64D1 + D0BA-6FD1Ukkyo moves faster
E8B2-67D1 + D0B3-64D1Ukkyo jumps faster
EBC5-0FD0Mousse's flying egg bombs are faster
1DB1-AF65Mousse's eagle claw strike - 1 hit kill
D6C1-0460Mousse's claw strike is quicker
DDD7-8407Every move kills every opponent with 1 hit
DD6B-D700No knock back when opponent is cornered.