Super Nintendo
Super Metroid

Players 1
Year 1994
Cart size 24 Mbit
Serial #SNS-RI-USA

Overall8.93 (58 votes) 

Super Metroid (Japan, USA) (En,Ja).sfc
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Official Game Genie Codes
DD38-C4A8Skip intro and start on Planet Zebes when starting a new game
DDCF-4461 + 6DCC-47A1Select area when loading a game (press right on map screen to select)
C225-3005No energy loss from enemies
C22A-456DSuper jumps don't drain energy
C288-C5A7Almost infinite missiles
C28A-C9D7Almost infinite super missiles
3CA4-450DAlmost infinite super bombs
62C5-14A6Start with hyper gun in inventory
Save game modification codes (the rest of the codes) only work for saved game "A." A saved game must already exist-Do no try on a new game
FA68-4760 + DD6A-C7DFMaster code-Must be used with the rest of the codes--Warning: If you do not use the Master Cose or enter it incorrectly, you may erase a saved game
E7D7-FAAD + DFD7-FA6DStart with about 500 energy tanks
88D7-FAAD + D4D7-FA6DStart with about 700 energy tanks
35D7-FAAD + D7D7-FA6DStart with about 1000 energy tanks
CED7-FAAD + D0D7-FA6DStart with about 1200 energy tanks
28D7-FAAD + D9D7-FA6DStart with about 1500 energy tanks
DCD7-F26DMaximum missiles=10
FBD7-F26DMaximum missiles=25
74D7-F26DMaximum missiles=50
08D7-F26DMaximum missiles=75
10D7-F26DMaximum missiles=100
52D7-F26DMaximum missiles=125
B1D7-F26DMaximum missiles=150
CED7-F26DMaximum missiles=175
A6D7-F26DMaximum missiles=200
D9D7-F36DMaximum super missiles=5
DCD7-F36DMaximum super missiles=10
FBD7-F36DMaximum super missiles=25
74D7-F36DMaximum super missiles=50
D9D7-FE6DMaximum super bombs=5
DCD7-FE6DMaximum super bombs=10
FBD7-FE6DMaximum super bombs=25
74D7-FE6DMaximum super bombs=50
DDD0-FE6DSet hours played to 0 (for better ending)
FDDF-F2ADAdd charge beam
DFDF-F26DGet wave beam
D7DF-F26DGet ice and wave beams
D5DF-F26DGet ice, wave, and spazer beam
DEDF-F26DGet ice, wave, spazer, and plasma beams
D0DF-FA6DAdd ball
D9DF-FA6DAdd ball and varia suit
D5DF-FA6DAdd ball, varia suit, spring ball
45DF-FA6DAdd ball, varia suit, spring ball, gravity suit
4EDF-FA6DAdd ball, varia suit, spring ball, screw attack, gravity suit
6DDF-FAAD + 6DDF-FA0DAdd X-ray
ADDF-FAAD + ADDF-FA0DAdd X-ray and grapple
BDDF-FAAD + BDDF-FA0DAdd X-ray and bomb
2DDF-FAAD + 2DDF-FA0DAdd X-ray, grapple, bomb
FFDF-FAADAdd bomb and hi-jump boots
7FDF-FAADAdd bomb, hi-jump boots and speed boots
77DF-FAADAdd bomb, all boots
E7DF-FAAD + E7DF-FA0DAdd all boots, bomb, grapple, X-ray
EED9-93DDCrateria is already mapped out
EED9-930DBrinstar is already mapped out
EED9-936DNorfair is already mapped out
EED9-93ADWrecked ship is already mapped out
EED9-9EDDMaridia is already mapped out
EED9-9E0DTourian is already mapped out