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Super Nintendo
Super Turrican

Players 1
Year 1993
Cart size 8 Mbit
File size 392 KB
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Overall8.12  (17 votes)  

Super Turrican (USA).sfc
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Verified 2021-04-10

392 KB

Official Game Genie Codes
DD61-6D0DStart with 1 life--Normal/Hard only
DF61-6D0DStart with 2 lives--Normal/Hard only
D061-6D0DStart with 5 lives--Normal/Hard only
DB61-6D0DStart with 10 lives--Normal/Hard only
F661-6D0DStart with 25 lives--Normal/Hard only
7F61-6D0DStart with 50 lives--Normal/Hard only
1461-6D0DStart with 99 lives--Normal/Hard only
C22D-ADDFInfinite lives
DF6F-6DDDStart with 1 continue--Easy/Normal only
D46F-6DDDStart with 2 continues--Easy/Normal only
D96F-6DDDStart with 5 continues--Easy/Normal only
With the continue codes, if you have over 10 continues, it doesn't show
DC6F-6DDDStart with 10 continues--Easy/Normal only
FB6F-6DDDStart with 25 continues--Easy/Normal only
746F-6DDDStart with 50 continues--Easy/Normal only
176F-6DDDStart with 99 continues--Easy/Normal only
C266-DD6FInfinite continues
D083-6D0D + BA83-67DDStart with all weapons at maximum power (4 power-ups)
6D22-640F + F122-646FDon't decrease weapon power after dying
DF83-6D0DStart with blue weapon
D483-6D0DStart with yellow weapon
4A82-AF0DNever change weapon type
C22D-0404Infinite wheel time
C226-DDD4Invincibility (falling in a hole still kills you)
6D28-ADDFLevel timer doesn't count down (infinite time)
DD8E-6DDDStart with no "smart lines"
DF8E-6DDDStart with 1 "smart line"
D48E-6DDDStart with 2 "smart lines"
D08E-6DDDStart with 4 "smart lines"--only 3 shown at once
D98E-6DDDStart with 5 "smart lines"--only 3 shown at once
DC8E-6DDDStart with 10 "smart lines"--only 3 shown at once
FB8E-6DDDStart with 25 "smart lines"--only 3 shown at once
748E-6DDDStart with 50 "smart lines"--only 3 shown at once
178E-6DDDStart with 99 "smart lines"--only 3 shown at once
C226-D704Infinite "smart lines"
D46D-64DDStart on level 2
D76D-64DDStart on level 3
D06D-64DDStart on level 4
D96D-64DDStart on level 5
D16D-64DDStart on level 6
D56D-64DDStart on level 7
D66D-64DDStart on level 8
DB6D-64DDStart on level 9
DC6D-64DDStart on level 10
D86D-64DDStart on level 11
DA6D-64DDStart on level 12