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7th Saga, The

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Reviewer: Kapadons Date: Aug 30, 2005
I first played this game when I was 12. I borrowed it from a neighbor and I loved it then and I love it now. While it doesn't comprare to FF3 it is a good RPG that you should definently try.

Graphics: 8
While the overworlds and dungeons look the same from the start of the game to the end and the monster are recycled by using different colors (like any RPG), the character detail and the monster detail in battle scenes is superb. The monsters move and your character slices the ememies which I find is better than just stepping foward and turning a color to cast a spell or have a sword come out of their head (I.E. FF3).

Sound: 6
All the music for each respective scene is the same (battle,towns,dungeons overworld), but the tunes are catchy and you will find yourself whistling them when you're done playing.

Gameplay: 9
This is a REALLY hard game. The mosters for each area are drasticlly better than your character (unless you level up or cheat) and the "apprentices" are always the same level as you and ALWAYS have better stats. There are 7 characters and each have their own abilities and strengths. This game should take you a fair few hours to finish.

Overall: 9
Once again I love this game and usually play and beat it once every two months. I feel that if you don't play his game you are missing out.

Great Game. Play it, Beat it, Enjoy.


Reviewer: LlamaTron?! Date: Mar 5, 2004
Back in the heydays of the Super Nintendo, players had a fairly good selection of RPG and adventure games to choose from. This was where the SNES truly shined, and many a gamer today can easily name true classics such as Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 4/5/6. Unfortunately, some of the best games in these genres never made it to U.S. shores - namely the Dragon Warrior series from Enix. While the DW series could certainly have done well in the North American market, Enix saw fit to release other titles such as Soul Blazer, Act Raiser and the game in this review, the 7th Saga.

Now, dear reader, you may think I have high praise for this game after such an opening statement. And in a way, I do... sort of.

Graphics: 7
A hit and a miss, in some ways. The town and dungeon sections of the game are generally detailed and colorful. Many of the monster and NPC sprites look good as well, though you'll certainly wonder what kind of radioactive goop the monsters are chugging. The overworld is a big letdown though, as much of it is barren wasteland with large chunks of mountain and the occasional patch of miscolored forest.

Sound: 8
The musical score is generally pleasing enough. Some of the battle music can get annoying, but there'll probably be a song in the game that you'll have stuck in your head after playing.

Gameplay: 5
The gameplay is where most of the flaws appear in this game. Your quest is to gather the 7 runes from around the globe, and you can choose one of 7 different characters - but in many ways, some characters are very much alike so the difference in gameplay from one to the next is 80% aesthetic. Replay value suffers as a result, though you may want to try each one out at the beginning. Throughout the game you'll need to spend a fair amount of time leveling up in order to defeat the next boss, or beat one of the other 6 characters you meet in order to get the next rune or advance to the next area. Also, in some areas of the game you won't have a clear idea of where to go next, which can lead to a lot of frustration if you've never played before.

The game is also difficult and often times unfair. Each new area you arrive in will have seriously bolstered monsters unless you've spent a lot of time leveling up, and the aforementioned competing characters can be truly devastating if you're forced to fight them for a rune. Be aware, trying to improve your character in order to do this isn't always the answer and can even lead to a no-win situation...

Finally, there are no real side quests in the game other than what is necessary to advance to the next area or get the next rune. This isn't necessarily bad, but it makes the game world feel... empty. Most NPC's add nothing to the game aside from small tidbits of information and there are no notable key figures to give you a real sense of what's going on. Sure, there are several kings throughout the land but they are all non-descript carbon copies of each other with different dialogues. It all feels so bland after a while.

Overall: 6
Enix has been known for developing great games in the past, but 7th Saga seems very much like the black sheep in the family. Not the worst game they've ever put out, but it also doesn't live up to what it could have been. There were some good ideas behind the game, and you could tell there was possibility for greater things. The best description of the game would seem to be 'rushed to market'.

To wrap things up, most anyone who enjoys console RPG's should at least try this game once. The game is difficult, and for some people such as myself this is a welcome change to many of the other RPG's that don't present enough of a challenge. Just don't set your expectations too high and you might enjoy something here.

And if you're in for a real challenge, play the game through without the aid of any of the 6 competing characters!


Reviewer: Sir Sam of Sammy Date: Sep 9, 2002
Sir Sam of Sammy here. Although not my favorite RPG this is still one I recommend you try.

Graphics: 6
Not the best of graphics, the only good stuff is the spell casting which is pretty good. Still overall not that great.

Sound: 6
Decent, but after a while I usually turn on the radio or listen to a CD. Nothing special.

Gameplay: 9
I like the gameplay. However, if your not the sort of person who likes to gain levels I dont recommend this game. Alot of bosses you will have to out level by quite a bit to have a so called "easy time" of it. Still, I believe this is what makes this one unique and I gave it a 9 out of 10 for gameplay. However, if you learn when and where to use your runes and items in battle you will do fine. The story line is pretty straight through. You are trying to gather all 7 runes. Not many side quests that dont directly aid you in your quest.

Overall: 8
I ended up giving the game an 8. What it lacks in sound and visual content it makes up for in gameplay in my opinion. Sir Sam of Sammy out.

"to have love and lost is better than to never loved at all." ... is wrong. Love hurts and in the end the elated feeling is gone and all you've got left is the pain. Just a sad note to remind you all that people die..... no that wasnt the point I was trying to make ... oh well. Enjoy the game!


Reviewer: Pwater Date: Jul 9, 2002
In the growing, yet rediculous world of RPG's today, this game is a refreshing look back at, in my view, probably the best RPG I've ever played. It's definately my favorite. RPG's aren't even my bag, but I absolutely loved this one. So I suggest you give this game a chance no matter what.

Graphics: 8
Graphics are really almost as good as you can expect from the SNES. There could have been a few improvements, but they serve the purpose just fine.

Sound: 9
Just fine, I think. Upbeat tempo for the battle scenes, suspensful music for traveling around, and quaint relaxing little tunes while your walking around safe exploring the towns.

Gameplay: 10
Just awesome in my book. The controls are smooth, the menus are simple and to the point. The storyline is wonderful. There's always that clue you need to stay right on track, but you still must solve some puzzles and use you noggin a little bit. Some will gripe that the enemies become rediculously hard, and they will, if you get ahead of yourself. Take you time, build your EXP points, equip proper weapons and items, and you can do just fine. The boss battles are great, and just hard enough. You will lose some, but eventually get them figured out.

Overall: 10
I give it a 10 for fun, simplicity, longevity, and replay value.

In closing, try this game. It's wonderful. And, it has nothing to do with Final Fantasy, and it proves somebody besides Square can produce a quality RPG. I first played this game on a console, and spent HOURS, DAYS, and MONTHS playing through it. It takes awhile to do it with no Game Genie or crap like that, and the more I played it, the more addicting and wonderfully aggravating it became.


Reviewer: Brendan Date: Jan 11, 2002
7th Saga is an RPG that was created amidst the constant flowing stream of RPGs made during its time. I suppose that I am a child of the squaresoft generation: an RPG has to really be god awful for me to leave it unfinished. The 7th Saga has its flaws, but is not that truly special god awful game.

Graphics: 9
One really cannot judge a SNES game by the standards of today's systems. In its own time, this game would get a graphical 9. The battles have a very nice 3D effect and battle animations are pretty fluid. A little more care to detail and better world map scenery would have given this game a 10 for graphics.

Sound: 7
The soundtrack is not bad. It is good video game filler, but I am not about to put it on an audio CD.

Gameplay: 2
Here is the category that hurts this game. The monster toughness is really just THAT ridiculous. Remember that RPG that you really liked. It is the one in which you kept going long after you beat the last boss. Maybe you got all of the master materia in FF7. Maybe you got the might shield and might bow in Lufia. Whatever game that was, that is the amount of leveling you will have to do to just barely make it through this game.
Also, you can team up with the partner of essentially your choice. Sometimes that partner will be terrible. Sometimes the same partner will tear you a new one two seconds later when you are dueling. Who on the design team sat down and said "I have it! How about ONE hit from the player's opponent will take away 90 percent of his/her HP? We'll make a fortune..."

Overall: 5
The game was very innovative; I give it that. The problem with innovation is its tendancy to produce some really horrible ideas. There was not one singular, obviously bad idea, but the combination of so many new concepts that were just not worth the effort leaves this game an exemplary mediocrity. I should also mention that the plot goes something like this: "We are missing the seven all-powerful runes. Find them." The plot twists throughout are comperable to those of Final Fantasy 1 (for the video game impaired: they don't exist).

Personally, I enjoyed Phantasy Star I more.


Reviewer: Ayavaron Date: Dec 19, 2001
This is one of my favorite video games. Let me tell you about it.

Graphics: 8
Impressive 2D sprites do a nice job of tell ing this great story. In battle you are treated with pseudo-3D graphics. The sprites and battles are fun to look at. Having well-designed monsters, and characters doesn't hurt amything either.

Sound: 8
All I remember is really catchy music. I really loved the music. I don't remember any other sound effects. I just loved the music because I got yelled at in school for humming it to loud.

Gameplay: 9
It is one of those rare cases when for me, I really enjoy the fight scenes. The game follows a turn based RPG with lots of exploring to be done. The enemies are plentiful, and the spell animations are fun to watch. It tells a very good story right up to the very end. At the end it heavily disappoints.

Overall: 10
Turn-based battles. CHECK
Interesting Story filled with mysteries, twists, and turns. CHECK
Impressive 2D sprites. CHECK
Award winning musical score. CHECK
Most disappointing ending ever. CHECK

Well, I really love 7th Saga. The one thing I don't like about it is the ending. It's still worth playing.