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Adventures of Batman & Robin, The

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Reviewer: Hyena Date: Jan 29, 2002
I guess you had to watch the TV cartoon series that I did when I was a kid. If so, you tend to understand the characters a little more, as the later batman movies did a horrible job of representing them.
It doesn't matter much though, I guess, as the dialogue stinks.
JOKER: (to batman) "This ride will be the greatest and last thrill of your life"
HARLEY: "Wow! Way to go, Mr. J"
Either way, the fun factor is still rarely high for this game.

Graphics: 8
The graphics themselves are fairly decent, but it's the animation which makes them great. Right from the beginning when you punch a villian in the face, you'll say "hey, that looks cool" despite the cartoon-like nature of the game.

Sound: 6
The sound isn't particularly impressive. It's standard batman, I guess.

Gameplay: 7
The gameplay is great, but there's one major flaw. And that's continuing.
When you beat a level, your number of lives is saved.
When you run out of lives and are asked to continue, you start at the beginning of the level with the number of lives you had.
To make this sound less confusing:
In easy mode, you get five lives and three continues. If you lose four of your lives on the first level, you start level 2 with 1 life.
If you get killed on level 2, you use up a continue but you only get the 1 life back because that's how many you started the level with.
It's a huge irritation as you'll find in the later levels you'll have absolutely no room for error.

Overall: 7
Overall, I'd say it's pretty good. But the above-mentioned annoyance lowers my rating by 2, making it 7/10 rather than 9.

You gotta love batman.